Guest speaker Jerry Rogers asked two brothers to take a look in the entrance for something which he didn’t specify clearly. When they came back looking puzzled, he asked, “What are you looking for?” People are searching for something, but they don’t know what.

We as Christians should be looking for Jesus.

John 20:1. Mary was looking for Jesus. She saw him, but didn’t know him. She wanted to do her part for the master. How many times has Jesus called your name and you did not respond?

Luke 24:13-53. Two people were talking about the happenings surrounding the death of Jesus.They said, we thought that Jesus was the answer for us. Jesus was with them and they didn’t recognize him. How many times is He with us and we don’t see Him? We should invite Jesus into our lives. How many times have our hearts been moved by the teachings of Jesus? Jesus needs to be the center of our lives. We need to see Jesus and let others see him in our lives.

John 20:20. Thomas wasn’t with them. How important is it to be at the assembly of the church! If we are looking for Jesus, we should be were Christians assemble. Thomas was there the next time. Jesus invited Thomas to touch his side. Thomas needed proof. He is our apostle because he asked for the proof on our behalf.

Jesus is Lord and we should look for Him in The Word and in His church.

— Jerry Rogers, 5-30-04, a.m.

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