“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Making Light of an Invitation

(Please read Matthew 22:5)

May 16

Like most people, the Jews in Jesus’ time probably considered it a gross breach of good manners to refuse an invitation to a wedding, especially that of a king’s son. So Jesus’ parable, in which our text appears, should have got their attention. The parable showed that Jesus’ own countrymen, the Jews, had been invited to join him in the kingdom which he had come to establish. But like the invitees in the parable, they paid little or no attention to his invitation.

Aside from the lesson which Jesus intended that his Jewish hearers would receive from the parable, there are some other valuable suggestions which we should not overlook, in view of the widespread tendency today to make light of anything religious.

“Making light” of something is not in itself a bad thing. Some things should be taken lightly to permit people to carry the weight of more important things. Personal criticism and little inconveniences are not nearly so important as some good work we can do.

But we simply cannot afford to make light of the divine invitation. Jesus came to invite people to a good life, both in this world and in the one to come. He came to offer us a place in the kingdom of heaven.

If you have accepted Christ’s great invitation, rejoice and go forward in his service. If you have made light of that invitation, it’s time to give it the consideration it deserves. Please do that today.

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