Enmity means being an enemy. How is it that the innocent have those that are opposed to them?

God’s Enemies

Exodus.  20:5. This acknowledges that God knows there are those who hate Him and will hate Him.

Isaiah 1:2-4. People will turn from God despite the good things given to them. Even God with all His loving kindness endures this kind of treatment

James 4:4. If we treat the world as what can satisfy our souls, this is a betrayal to God and we are enemies of God.

Reasons for Enmity

Lev. 26:18-21. Arrogance

We act with hostility against God because of our pride of power. We want to use our freedom of choice to elevate ourselves and not humble ourselves before God. This attitude is one that God will punish.

Num. 15:39-40. Stubbornness

We are often determined to do things our own way.

Mal. 3:13-15. Distrust

We test God by an attitude that it doesn’t make a difference whether I serve God or not.

John 7:7. Hiding sin

Jesus says that people hate the fact that He tells us that our lives are destroyed by sin.  We don’t want to recognize the sin and would rather turn from God.

Rom. 8:6-8. Mind set on the flesh

Those focused on fulfilling there every desire of the physical life are against God. We reject the opportunity to be filled with the Spirit.

2 Tim. 3:4. Love Pleasure

We can’t desire physical pleasure and do what God wants.

Luke 11:23. Uncommitted

If you haven’t decided to be 100% for God, you are against Him. If you haven’t decided you are giving permission for evil to reign in the world.

God’s Response

Exodus 32:33. God does not ignore sin. 

Lev. 26:40-45. If we are humble before God, He will remember us. He forgives those who ask.

Zeph. 3:11-14. God will remove those who are against Him and God will leave those are humble before Him. Evil will not reign over God.

Jer. 33:6-9. God will cleanse and build up His people. 

Romans 5:1. God will give us peace through Christ.

Romans 5:9-11. Christ is our sacrifice and reconciliation.  Jesus is the way to become a child of God and to no longer be an enemy of God.

—Robert Lee, 9-5-04, a.m

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