Have you ever been in a situation that you wouldn’t get out of without help?
This is mankind’s condition with regards to eternity.

Romans 5:6. We were at the mercy of spiritual forces working against us. Jesus came and offered us what was needed so that we could live eternally with God.
Exodus 2:23-25. The history of the nation of Israel shows that they were in physical bondage and God remembered them and saved them.
Deut. 26:5-11. Moses recounts the situation where the nation could not rescue themselves and that God set them free from Egyptian captivity. The Jews celebrated this event year after year in the Passover feast. God was celebrated as the deliverer. The nation was helpless to save themselves so God was honored not man.
Psalm 116:1-19. In this reading the Psalmist says I was at the end of my hope. I called to God and He heard me and rescued me. So, I want to praise Him.
Luke 18:1-8. There is a theme of mankind’s neediness. The story of the persistent widow who kept asking for justice shows that God will help those who ask by faith in pray. Do my requests show dependency on God?
Luke 18:9. The tax collector who asked God to be merciful to him because he realized he was a sinner is another example of how helpless we are to repair our situation. Do my confessions show dependency on God?
Luke 18:15-17. The children came to Jesus and the people around Him wanted to send them away. Jesus said we need to be dependent on God as children are on their parents. Does my attitude show dependency on God?
Luke 18:18. The rich young ruler was unwilling to become dependent on God Does my charity show dependency on God? Are we ready to put ourselves in helpless situations before God?

Admit when you need Him.

—Robert Lee, 8-15-04 a.m.

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