Romans 5:7-8

The speaker took a class in archery. He soon discovered that it wasn’t that easy to hit the target. Many of the arrows he shot, missed the mark. This is what sin is, missing the mark. In Romans 5 it says that God sent His son to save us even though we miss the mark.

Failing Our Purpose
Gen. 1:26-31. What we don’t realize is that God had a purpose for Adam and Eve. God wanted them to subdue the earth and for them to be stewards of the earth. They were to have a responsibility to God. So, when they went there own way because of disobedience, their lives got worse, not better.
Gen. 17:1.God had a special purpose for Abram. He was referred to as blameless. Despite his failures he continued to have faith in God.
Exodus 19:3-6.Abram became Abraham and his decedents had a special relationship with God. God had a purpose for the nation of Israel, these decedents. The nation of Israel was only able to live up to the purpose part of the time.
Matt. 6:9-13.In Jesus’ prayer, He talks about recognizing God as our spiritual father, the fact that we need to long for the spread of the Kingdom, May your will be done- may I do your purpose, May we be filled, may you clean my slate so I’m not distracted by past mistakes. Let me have a good relationships may I have mercy on others. May I stay away from Satan so I can fulfill my purpose as a light to the world.
Eph. 5:7-10.We need to be a light to those around us. God’s purpose for life is that we live a life of light and joy.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we never had to learn? We need to study to learn what is pleasing to God because this is the purpose for our lives.
Heb. 12:28-29. We serve the Lord because we are grateful to Him for His love for us. We don’t want to be disappointing to God.
Are we fulfilling our purpose?

Following Jesus’ Example
Rom. 15:3. The awesome thing about Jesus is that he takes all of our misses and failures and bears those for us. Jesus was following His purpose.
Heb. 5:4-8. Christ didn’t glorify himself, but obeyed God. Jesus learned obedience through suffering so that he could fulfill God’s purpose.
We need the attitude of wanting to please God.

Fixing Our Attitude
2 Tim. 2:3-4. Give up your agenda and commit yourself to following God.
Psalm 119:11. Have a heart to commit to following Go.
Rom. 5:7-8. God loved us enough to give His son for our sins. God scarified for us so that we can live for his purposes.

—Robert Lee, 8-29-04, a.m.

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