Romans 5:6

All mankind is in a helpless situation spiritually. Christ came to save ungodly people.

Ungodliness Described
Psalm 10:3-11. The ungodly person goes against God. He has no responsibility for his actions and no respect for authority. When God pushes this individual towards the godly life, this person pushes back.This person is very proud and unwilling to submit to God’s direction. This person is self-centered and he mistreats other people.
Isaiah 32:6. The ungodly person has no fear of God, no respect for God or for other people, and is no compassion.
Jer. 5:20-29. The ungodly have no respect for God’s awesome power, they are arrogant, lack compassion, and they lack love.
Jude 1:4. There can be people who are passing themselves off as Christians who are using Christianity for their own gain. We need to examine ourselves for any ungodly attitudes in our own lives.

God’s Salvation
Romans 5:6. “While we were helpless, Christ died for the ungodly.” Why would God give His son for these people? Ungodly people are undeserving of this gift of eternal salvation and yet, these are the people God sent his Son to die for.
Romans 4:4-8. God gave His son to give us a chance.
Romans 11:26-27. God promised this solution to ungodliness Jesus is the perfect sacrifice. Can we believe this invitation to accept this sacrifice?
Titus 2:11-12. Once God has helped us to find his salvation we must deny ungodliness. Our part is to learn to be new and different people. Will we trust the message? Will we trust God to help us change ourselves?

God’s Punishment
Romans 1:18. We must realize that God has given us a way to salvation and if we don’t take it, God will punish us.
1 Pet. 4:18.
2 Pet. 2:4-10.
2 Pet. 3:7.
God is willing to punish ungodly people. God gives many opportunities for us to accept His promises and the sacrifice of His son. God is planning a new heaven where the attitude of righteousness is eternally present.
Jude 1:14-16 All ungodly things, people and attitudes will be punished. God will do away all of the harsh things that the ungodly have said.

—Robert Lee, 8-22-04, a.m.

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