Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  This began as Decoration Day after the Civil War.  This was a chance to honor those had given so much in that conflict.  It has continued as a chance to pay respects and to grieve for what was lost.

Remembering God needs to be a constant in our lives. 

  • Remembering God

Ex. 12:1-13:10

God by his power and out of his love set his people free.  The Jews remember this event even today.

Josh. 3:1-4:24

The people are ready for the promise of the land to be fulfilled.  The people were able to walk across because of God’s miracle.  God asked the people to set up a memorial.

Psalm 135:13

Always remember God and it will help us in our day-to-day life to show our faith, hope and love.

Psalm 145:5-7

Think about God’s greatness, goodness, and righteousness.  Share good things that God has done.

Isaiah 26:8-9

Desire to have God in your life.  Long for God’s presence in your life.

What you think about shows what is in your heart.

  • Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper

Matt. 26:26-28

Mark 14:22-24

Luke 22:17-20

  • Proclaim the Lord’s Death

1 Cor. 11:23-34 Rejoice in the memory of what The Lord has done for you.

The communion service is an important reminder of what has been done for us on a spiritual level.  This is a simple yet powerful weekly reminder of God’s love for us.

  • Remembered by God

Lev. 2:2,9,16; 5:12; 6:15; 24:7; Num.5: 15,26

The smoke of the sacrifice was an assurance that God remembered the person.

Psalm 112:6

Acts 10:4

Cornelius was a Roman soldier who loved God.  Cornelius was trying to please God.  God recognized what Cornelius had done for God.

Anyone of us can be remembered by God when we do what he asks of us.

  • Remembered by others

Mark 14:1-9

Wherever the gospel is spoken this act will be remembered.

Phil. 1:3-5

When our lives are filled with acts that God wants us to do we are remembered.

2 Tim. 1:3-5

When Paul thought of Timothy he thought of his faith.  May we be remembered that way.

Remember God and he will remember you.

—Robert Lee, 5-29-05, a.m.

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