Our Mission: To share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Denver Metro Area and throughout the world.

A group of churches, led by Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas, has had considerable success during the past quarter century in planting and churches in Uganda, Kenya and other East Africa countries. Another successful project has been the establishment of LivingStone University in Uganda, where Africans can obtain Christian education. More information is available www.quakeravenue.com and www.livingstone.ug.


Mountain States Children’s Home, located near Longmont, Colorado, extends Christian services to wounded children in an effort to meet their physical needs, heal their emotional hurts, challenge their minds and teach them moral principles, in order to reach the goals of reuniting them with their families or preparing them for independence.  This is accomplished utilizing a family model of care, strengthened by professional counselors and teachers. Our congregation has provided help to the home in various ways over the years.

More information is provided by the home’s website: www.msch.org.

Mission: Vanuatu 2016

The South Pacific nation of Vanuatu (formerly “New Hebrides”) gained independence from Britain and France in 1980. It is made up of some 83 islands, approximately 1200 miles east of Australia’s northern tip. Its closest neighbors are New Caledonia to the southwest and Fiji Islands to the northeast. While approximately 60 islands are inhabited, the majority of the archipelago’s 250,000 people live on the 12 largest islands.

The standard of living in Vanuata is quite diverse, with the capital city of Port Vila offering a fairly modern lifestyle, whereas the great majority of outer-island inhabitants engage in subsistence farming, build primarily with local materials such as bamboo and thatch, and have no running water or electricity. Tourism is the primary source of revenue, followed by agricultural exports including beef, coffee, cacao, copra and kava.

Mission Vanuatu began in 2005, after two survey trips, when the original mission team of five adults moved to the main island, Efate, and spent six years working with four churches there. Eric and Shawnda Brandell, part of the original team, are still leading the missionary effort and plan to continue there until 2025, when they hope to have led this effort for 20 years.

USA Contact Info: Perkins Church of Christ, Perkins, OK 74059, office phone 405-547-5393, www.missionvanuatu.com.


With a century of service behind it, Denver Rescue Mission could, of course, survive without our help. Located in downtown Denver, the mission provides some beds for homeless people and serves meals to even more. From time to time we collect boxes of food to deliver to the mission, and some of our members have worked in the serving lines for the mission’s holiday feasts.

Aurora Interfaith Community Services

Churches have always faced some problems in responding to calls for help with such things as rent, groceries, and travel expenses. Many times such requests are based on falsehoods and should be denied, but it is often hard to separate the worthy requests from the unworthy. And it takes experience in such matters to know just what form the help should take in a given case. In view of these problems, several churches in Aurora agreed a number of years ago to start an independent agency which would bring a professional touch to handling requests for benevolence. Known for years as Interchurch Task Force, the agency received its present name in 2017. While we handle most of the requests we receive for financial help, we have referred people to AICS in various situations. Our help to AICS is mostly in the form of food contributed to our food-collection boxes on an ongoing basis, plus donations of clothing and a few other items that members bring to the church building for disbursement. The AICS website is www.aurorainterfaithcommunityservices. Its mailing address is 1553 Clinton, Aurora, CO 80010.

The breakup of the Soviet Union provided an unusual opportunity to Christians to take the gospel to that spiritually impoverished part of the world. Sponsored by West Angelo Church of Christ, Tim Johnson and his family began evangelistic work in Ukraine in the early 1990’s. Since that time, congregations have been established in Kiev and Sumy, and much good has been accomplished. The work is now directed by the Ukraine Mission Board with help from Westworth Church of Christ. Our involvement thus far has been limited to collecting funds via the Christmas Collection Cans furnished to us each fall (see “Special Activities”). 

When Baxter Loe, of Amarillo, was editor of Gospel Tidings and reporting the establishment of new missionary efforts in India and Africa, he became aware of the terrible living conditions in many places where the gospel was beginning to be preached. His feelings for the poor in those areas led him to found Christian Relief Fund in 1971 and devote his full time for about 30 years to raising money for building and operating schools and children’s homes in India and Latin America, and providing disaster relief in many parts of the world.

Always scrupulously honest in handling funds, CRF has gained a good reputation throughout the country. Through our regular contributions to CRF we have been “sponsor” for several needy children in Latin America. We are grateful for the opportunity to help in this way.

CRF has a website providing information about the locations and nature of its humane activities: www.christianrelieffund.org.

“When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up” (Psalm 27:10).

In many such cases the Lord has done this through the Berean Home in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Established in Albany, Louisiana, in the 1970’s under the oversight of the Mount Olive Church of Christ, the home has made a difference for good in the lives of many children who became Christian adults. Wayne and Ruthie Wallace were the “anchor” administrators and houseparents through the years, and only heaven knows the full effects of their godly influence over so many children from wounded backgrounds.

We are glad to be able to contribute regularly to this wonderful work. The home has a website which you can easily view.

Located in Malawi, Africa, near the city of Thondwe, Namikango Mission is one of the most successful mission works in Africa. It has faithfully spread the Good News of Christ in Malawi for more than 50 years, resulting in about 1400 congregations with perhaps more than 50,000 members. Much of its success is due to the tireless efforts of Lendal and Peggy Wilks, who spent more than a quarter of a century in the work before finally retiring to live in Arkansas.

We are happy to be able to send regular contributions to this work, and we look forward to its continued success. Ben and Becca Hayes are the resident missionaries. We appreciate also the oversight of this work provided by the New Beginnings congregation in the Houston area and elder Sidney Vaughn in particular.

You can correspond directly with the incoming Namikango missionaries at Hayes.ben101@gmail.com, or with Brother Vaughn at sidneyv@swbell.net, or view the mission website at www.missionmalawi.org.

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