“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Missions for Tomorrow

(Please read Mark 16:15-16)

November 30

In the early years of this nation preachers and their families were coming to America to spread the good news about Christ. With God’s help, their work bore fruit and as the years passed new congregations were established and grew to a point where they could in turn send missionaries to other countries, where the gospel had scarcely been heard.

During the Great Depression and until after World War II, missions work by various religious organizations lagged. We quoted the Great Commission a lot, but apparently it was generally understood that most churches were just too poor to evangelize in other countries. Some Christians kept mentioning the need to go into benighted countries with the gospel, but others felt that there were plenty of places in this country that should be evangelized before tackling other countries.

Eventually, though, churches here began stepping out on faith and starting overseas mission works, thus putting wheels under our professed belief in the Great Commission.

But it is poor advertising for our liberality that missions continually teeter on the edge of bankruptcy. We need to open the spigots of our generosity to the needs of worldwide evangelism. As surely as the Great Commission teaches baptism, it also teaches going into all the world. Missions work was as inherent in the early church as heat is in fire – the two could not be separated.

May the Lord of harvests send forth reapers to nations dominated by paganism and counterfeit religions. The results will be good for us and for them.

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