Part of the appeal of the Bible is that there is a great message presented by simple human stories. 

Moses/Jesus God’s Messengers

  • Exodus 19:1-9 –  Moses told the people the words of God.  The people can know the heart, will,      and mind of God
  • John 1:1- Jesus is the word of God
  • John 8:26 -29 – Jesus spoke as God taught him

Moses/Jesus In God’s Presence

  • Exodus 24:9-18 – These people communed with God. 
  • John 6:46- Jesus has seen God
  • John 7:29 – Jesus knows God because he was sent from God
  • John 8:38 – Jesus speaks what he has seen from the Father

Moses/Jesus Interceding For God’s People

  • Exodus 32:7-14- Moses pleads for the people after they have sinned.  The Lord changed his mind about the punishment for the people.  Moses was there to intercede because of God’s will.
  • Romans 8:33-34 – God made sure that we have an intercessor.
  • Heb. 7:25 – Christ is our intercessor.

This is the fullness of God. 

Moses/Jesus Seeking Forgiveness

  • Exodus 32:30-35 – Moses puts himself on the line by saying he will die for these people’s forgiveness
  • Luke   23:33-4a – Jesus asks for forgiveness

Moses/Jesus Insisting on the Presence of God

  • Exodus 33-12-17 – Moses asks God to know he people and move among them
  • John 15:26, 16:7- The comforter will be with us
  • Acts 2:32-33 – The holy spirit was given to them

—Robert Lee, 5-18-08, p.m.

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