“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“Most Important to Our Future”

(Please read Proverbs 22:6)

August 6

Doesn’t your heart go out to young parents, who face so many obstacles in trying to lead their children to decent adulthood in an endangered society? Consider, for example, that at some schools sports activities must start and end in daylight because of fears of violence in the stands after dark. And consider that drug dealers are known to operate near many school grounds all over the country. Or just think of the pressures on both children and parents to conform to the popular, worldly ideas of pleasure-seeking self-indulgence that so permeate much of our culture.

Many other factors contribute to the unease of mothers and fathers who must live in the world and cope with conditions as they find them.

But the task is not hopeless and parents need not be helpless in their efforts to bring their children up right. The Lord, the Bible and the church offer both hope and help. These benefits, though, are for the taking, not compulsory, and cannot be realized in full unless taken by Mom and Dad.

It takes patience and prayer, but parents must find the time to teach their children, early, about the Lord and about doing his will. That sort of home life, coupled with the priceless benefits of worshiping and associating with other Christians, can pay eternal dividends.

Several years ago a President stressed the need of improving family life in his “State of the Union” address, saying, “We must strengthen the family because it’s the family that is most important to our future.”

Indeed it is. Without strong families we have no future.

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