It is encouraging that we have a Lord to lean on.

The children are the ones who need our prayer.

There are 18 children at the home.  They have a foster care program.  They also work to have the children go back home.  They hope to influence the children they come in contact with.

We are God’s children.  Sometimes we wonder why we need God’s discipline.  Our earthly parents discipline us for our own good.  When our parents set limits we know when we do well as well as when we do wrong.  We learn to live in a disciplined manner, we can feel self esteem.    Hebrews 12 God says that when we accept his discipline, we reap a harvest of peace.  Today we have parents who are not disciplining their children. 

In the past 30 or 40 children were being cared for by one matron.   Many times children were left in orphanages because of bad times in the 1920s.  The children had a general respect for authority. As the world changed, drugs and alcohol caused the breakup of many homes.  Many of the children don’t have a general respect for authority and discipline.   All of the children, who come to the home, are wounded emotionally and many times they are abused.  These children are victims of circumstances they have no control over.  One of the missions of the home is to help children learn about God’s love and to learn another way to live.   These children are not throw-away children; they each have great potential to live lives of love. 

Randy Schow, 9-18-05, p.m. Brother Schow is executive director of Mountain States Children’s Home, Longmont, Colorado.

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