Trusting in the Power of God 

Just this week, the first week of November, flowers are still blooming in Denver.  They should be long past blooming.  May we still be giving off the sweet aroma of the spirit long into our earthly life and at times when it may not be the season. 

With God All Things Are Possible

  • Genesis 18:9-14 -Sarah having a child at 90 years old
  • Luke 1:37 -Mary giving birth to Jesus
  • Mark 9:14-24 -Jesus raises a child
  • Mark 10:23-27 – All can be saved 

Blessings Found in Christ

Eph. 1:3-14

  • We are Holy and Blameless
  • We are Adopted as Children of God
  • God’s Grace is Given to Us
  • We are Redeemed
  • We have Forgiveness of our sin
  • We can know God’s will
  • We will have an Inheritance
  • We have Hope
  • We have the Holy Spirit
  • We have Salvation

Do we believe in these blessings?  Is this a reality of our lives?  Do we live as if these are a daily reality in our lives? 

Unity in Christ

Eph. 2:11-22

  • Brought near to God by Christ
  • Jesus is our Peace
  • Jesus broke down the divisions between people
  • Jesus created one mankind
  • We are reconciled in one body, the Church
  • We have access to God’s Spirit through Jesus
  • We are fellow citizens through Jesus in God’s Kingdom
  • We are God’s household because of Jesus
  • We are fitted together by God
  • We are built together through Jesus sacrifice

Living by the Power of God

Eph. 3:14-4:3

  • Live in a way that is worthy of our calling. 
  • Use God’s power to act better than you feel. –
  • Act with gentleness, patience, peacefulness, tenderheartedness  and forgiveness

—Robert Lee, 11-9-08, a.m.

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