“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“O God, Thy Sea Is So Great . . .”

(Please read Ezekiel 27:1-11 and 33-36)

July 20

When Ezekiel wrote his prophetic lamentation for Tyre, he compared that island city to a great ship. The picture changed quickly as he wrote of that “ship” being broken up in rough seas. These few words seem to sum up what was happening and going to happen to a prosperous city whose people had not considered the greatness of God.

If Tyre’s attitude had been right, the city would have survived. So it is with us. We are out on the open sea of life, and what the outcome will be depends on each person’s attitude toward God.

Visualize being by yourself in a boat on the ocean. Then it would be easy to understand the well-known Breton fishermen’s prayer, “O God, thy sea is so great, and my boat is so small.”

It is this attitude that we must have when we pray — that we are little people standing humble and helpless in the presence of a great God.

But here is a paradox: The person who can see his or her own smallness is actually great because of it. Even if the vast majority of Christians are “nobodies,” not great in the world’s eyes, these nobodies have the ear of God.

Then the voyage before us is not as daunting as it might at first appear. We need to recall that God has given us much we can use on the journey, including our abilities and his care. So we mustn’t cower with fear or drift in idleness. Our task, and our life’s work, is to row, trusting that with His help we will have a successful voyage.

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