“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3


(Please read Galatians 6:9-10)

April 14

It’s a word we use often. We say we are waiting for it, looking or hoping for it, or have let it pass by. We sometimes admit that we had it but failed to recognize it, but we hate to acknowledge that we wasted it. It’s an important, scriptural word – “opportunity.”

The word came from the ancient practice of holding a sailing ship outside a shallow port until two things happened at the same time: (a) the tide came in so that the port would be deep enough to accommodate the ship, and (b) the wind was right to sail the ship into the harbor. When those things happened the ship went ob portus (Latin for “toward port”). The expression became ob portun, and finally, in English, opportunity.

There may be several reasons for any of us to think we have few opportunities to be of service to others. We can confuse opportunity with convenience for ourselves, thinking that because such service would not be easy we don’t have opportunities. We may think we can’t handle opportunities when really we could if we tried. Or we may not be alert to see the opportunities we have. In any case the person needing help may not get it, because of us.

We are not all blessed with the same abilities and are not expected to do exactly the same things in our Christian service. But surely there is some way for you to help others in Jesus’ name, perhaps this very day. Please ask God to open your eyes to the opportunities he places before you, and don’t waste them.

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