The object lesson today is a knife.  In the hands of a good cook, a knife is a great tool.  However, a knife can also be used for real destruction.  Just as a knife can be used for good or evil, our tongue can also be used for good or evil.

  • Words Are Powerful

Prov. 12:18

We sometimes say, I said it without thinking.  We can speak without thinking about the consequences of our speech.  We can remember negative words years later.  We need to consider the effect of our words.

Prov. 18:20-21

The choice is ours of how we speak.   We always have our tongue with us so we always have the potential to bless or curse.

James 3:5-8

Our tongue can be full of deadly poison.  This is a warning we need to be aware of always.  We can destroy, spiritually, with our words.  We must place limits on our words.  We need to be wise of when a problem needs to be discussed and when we need to be quiet.  We need to examine our motivations when we speak.

  • The Source Of Our Words

James 3:9-12

Our spirit produces our words.  If we use our mouth to say praises to God and then we say mean things to people, there is something wrong with the source.  There is a river of words that come out of our mouths and we need to realize they come from what we believe.

Matt. 12:33-37

Jesus says the mouth speaks from the heart.  If we want better speech we need a better heart.

Matt. 15:1-20

Jesus says that when the heart is not right, the person isn’t right.  Listen to what you are saying to people to find out what is in your heart.  The careless useless harmful words are being recorded and listened to by God.

  • Filled with God and His Love

Eph. 5:18-19

Don’t take a physical substance in and think that will lift you up.  Sing praises to God to fill yourself with the Spirit.  Being filled with the Spirit gives you a source for goodness to come out of your mouth when you speak to others.

Eph. 3:14-21, Rom. 5:5

Be rooted and grounded in love

To be filled with God be serious about:

Repentance– Give your sins to God.


Bible Study


Obeying God

Col. 4:5-6

Fill yourself with God.

—Robert Lee, 3-5-06, a.m.

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