Learning to Lean on Jesus Christ

Ephesians 1:1-14 

What is strong enough for us to lean on?  Sometimes we try to lean on something that isn’t strong enough to hold us up.  

Every Spiritual Blessing is in Christ

We go to Christ for all spiritual blessings.  We need to ask and we need to put ourselves in place to receive those blessings. 

The blessings are holiness and blamelessness

Paul was chosen by God on the road.  We are just as chosen by God as Paul for the work God has for us.  God was first looking for us even though we made the choice to surrender to God.  God loved us first.

•       Adopted as Sons Through Jesus – God chose us to interact with him as part of his family.

•      Grace freely bestowed through Jesus – God doesn’t grudgingly give.  He freely pours it out with joy on his children.

•      Redemption and forgiveness through Jesus – We are bought back from the slavery of sin and we are forgiven.

•      God made known to us the mystery of his will – We are blessed to know the whole plan of salvation

•       We have an inheritance through Jesus – We know what we will get in eternity.  Jesus has died so we will have a spiritual inheritance.

•       Hope in Christ – God has something for all of us because of Jesus.

•       Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise – We have God with us because of his Spirit. 

Paul’s response is Praise to God

Praise God in your life.  

Eph. 1:19a-23, Eph. 4:11-16,  We are growing up in Christ.  Lean on Jesus. John 15:1-8

 —Robert Lee, 8-19=-07, a.m.

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