The Revolutionary Teaching of Jesus

Luke 5:27-6:11 

Both Sinners and Tax collectors were present

  • Luke 5:27-32- Jesus ate and drank with them

Rejoicing in The Bridegroom

  • Luke 5:33-35 – Jesus was with them and then he would be taken away

Old and New do not mix

  • Luke 5:36-39 – Patches for something old don’t always work

The Lord of the Sabbath

  • Luke 6:1-5 -David ate the bread from the temple.  God did not strike him down because of his attitude

Angry Law Keepers

  • Luke 6:611 -The man with the withered hand is freed by Jesus.

Reactions of the Pharisees to Jesus

These people looked holy, but they were not righteous.

  • Grumbled because Jesus associated with sinners
  • They were filled with anger because Jesus broke their rules:

-Jesus met people’s basic needs on the Sabbath

-To do good (healing) for the people on the Sabbath

Is there a Connection Between Law-Keeping and Anger?

  • Acts 15:10 -Do the men need to become law keepers before they became Christians?  This was a “burden too heavy to bear”
  • Romans 7:14-24 – Paul wanted to be the greatest law keeper, but found he couldn’t. “wretched man”
  • 2 Cor. 3:6-9 -The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. The old covenant is a ministry of death and condemnation.
  • Gal. 3:10-14 -Cursed by failure to obey the law.
  • Acts 26:9-11 -Saul was against Jesus and he was enraged against the Christians.
  • John 16:1-3 -Some believers will be put to death by people who think they are serving God.
  • Matt. 12:6-7 -If you really knew what God wants you would look for ways to be compassionate

We cannot be perfect before God based on our own efforts.  We can never keep the law perfectly. 

When we are angry how much is it because we are applying “the rules” with earthly judgment to others.

How can we overcome Legalism and Judging in our own Lives?

  • Rejoice in Jesus
  • Allow ourselves to be transformed by the teaching of Jesus
  • Make yourself a new container to receive the new message.  Let God shape our being.  John 3:1-8
  • James 2:13 -Allow mercy to triumph over judgment

 —Robert Lee, 4-19-09, a.m.

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