Learning to Trust God in All Circumstances

The pagans had a fear of the change of the seasons and the pagan priests took advantage of that fact.  God wants to reassure us. 

Do Not Fear!

  • Genesis 15:1, Isaiah 41:10, Luke 12:6-7- God is in control so we can depend on him.  Turn to God and his righteousness when you are afraid.

Psalm 34:1-22 – This was written when David was in a situation where he was being physically threatened. 

Magnifying God

  • Psalm 34:1-3 – The prospective of the person looking through the magnifying glass is changed, not the object beginning examined.
  • Psalm 38:16 -We tend to magnify ourselves instead of God
  • Psalm 40:16-17 – Our constant message should be magnifying God.
  • Psalm 69:29-33 -Thank God for his righteousness and give him a large place in our lives.  Our faith magnifies God. 

Fearing God

  • Psalm 34:7,9,11 – compare these to verse 8 -When we taste the goodness of God our fear of the Lord is for how he uses his power and greatness. 
  • Psalm 34:13-14 – We give ourselves to God because of our awe and reverence for God.
  • Titus 1:1, James 1:1 -Two examples of how fear of God causes respect and awe for his goodness.  We humble ourselves before God and he will lift us up. 

Blessings for the Righteous

  • Psalm 34:15,17,19,21 – We all have the chance to be one of the righteous because of the sacrifice of Jesus.
  • Romans 1:16-17 – God made it possible for humans to come to him and experience a life that doesn’t suffer from guilt and will last for eternity.  God provided Jesus and the way to have faith in God.
  • Romans 3:21-22 -The focus is on God and his righteousness.
  • Romans 4:1-5 -Abraham wasn’t perfect, but he was righteous because of his faith in God.   

How much trust and faith does it take to let God carry us through? 

God’s Deliverance

  • Psalm 34:4,17,19 – We often have something delivered.  God has delivered us from evil.
  • 2 Cor. 1:8-11 – Paul was delivered and we are delivered today.
  • 2 Tim. 4:16-18 – God is our deliverer to eternal life by our faith in Jesus.
  • 1 Peter 5:6-11 -Humble yourself and put yourself in God’s hands and God will strengthen you. 

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