From World War II, we see that in 1944 Germany had expanded an evil government to most of Europe.  June 6, 1944 was the day that the allies began a counter offensive.  Hitler looked at the small foothold the allies made that day and felt no fear.  Eventually, the allies did win the war.  Great things happen from small beginnings.

  • A World In Darkness

1 John 5:19

John 15:18-19

  • The Light of Jesus

John 9:5

John 12:46-47

  • The Victory Of Jesus

John 16:33

Matt. 16:13-19

The power of the confession of Jesus as the Son of God is the victory against the darkness of the world that is under the influence of Satan.

  • Resisting the World

Romans 12:2

James 1:27We don’t have to be intimidated by the world because God is giving us the strength to overcome the influences of the world.

  • Changing the World

Matt. 5:14-1

The light of God will be victorious because God is the power and He is in control.  He will use us for His Good purposes.  We need to do our part. 

John 17:18

What you do is an influence to people you may not see or may not realize are observing you.  Everything you do for God is a light for Him.

1 John 4:2-6 

—Robert Lee, 3-13-05, a.m.

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