The Promise of the Angels

Luke 2:1-20 

Isaiah’s Pictures of Peace

  • Isaiah 11:6-9 – This is a picture of how harmony will be brought about by God.  This peace is impossible from a worldly point of view.  God gives peace through faith in him.  Our hope is from God.
  • Isaiah 9:6-7 – A child will be born to bring peace and harmony to humans.  This peace will never end.
  • Isaiah 54:9-10 – The prophets all talk about the promise of peace.  God’s promise is forever.
  • Isaiah 66:12-13 – God’s peace is like an eternal river.  It will be available forever and in abundance.  Jesus is the child of the promise.
  • Isaiah 57:19-21 – There is no peace for the wicked.  The wicked are like the ocean waves.  If we choose wickedness there will be no peace.

Angel’s Promise of Peace

  • Luke 2:1-20 – God’s prophets had been foretelling the arrival of a child for centuries and now it is announced to shepherds.  Why not announce it to kings?  God works in ways that are different from people.  Will we have faith in this God?

Our Plentitude of Peace

  • With God – Romans 5:1 -Are you at peace with God?   Are you angry with God?  Through Jesus, we can have peace with God.
  • With Ourselves – Philippians 4:6-9 – Change your thought processes so you can have peace with God and within us.  Grow in the knowledge of the Word.
  • With Others- Eph. 2:13-16 – Jesus can heal all human separations.  There was never a bigger rift than there was between the Jews and the Gentiles, but that was healed by Jesus.

Our Pursuit of Peace

  • Matt. 5:9 -Will we be peacemakers?
  • Rom. 12:17 – Don’t pay back evil for evil.  Overcome evil with good.
  • Hebrews 12: 14 – Take actions to be a peacemaker.  Say “God, show me”
  • James 3:17-18 – God’s wisdom is from above.  Sow the seeds of peace in your life.

Will we believe the message of peace? 

—Robert Lee, 12-23-07, a.m.

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