God’s Call to Never Give Up 

The Potter and the Clay

   Isaiah 29:13-16 – Do we turn things upside down, making God the clay and us the

      potter?  Verse 16 accused them of turning things upside down.  

   Isaiah 45:8-13, 17 – Verse 9 seems to describe those who try to say that God has no

      ability to form us, i.e. that God is weak or does not exist.  This is an arrogant mindset.    

      Humans are not independent.  Even the atheist must admit total dependence on the

      material world for life.  We do not exist just because we say so! 

   Isaiah 64:8-12 – I hate the fact that I can relate to these verses, because I find that I am

      self-willed.  It can take very difficult circumstances for that self-will to change. 

   Jeremiah 18:1-17 – The world follows a constant drumbeat away from God.  The

       consequences of the world so rarely mentioning God (on television, in the political

      arena, in social discourse, etc.) is that seeds of doubt about his influence in our lives

      are sown. 

  Romans 9:19-26 – God works with the clay, giving it further opportunity.  How patient

      is an earthly potter with uncooperative clay?  

God Uses Suffering to Mold Us  

   Romans 5:3-4 – It can help us to keep the picture of the potter and the clay in our minds

      when we experience sufferings in life.  

   James 1:2-5 – The potter has to put pressure on the clay to form it as he desires.  God

      uses hardship to give us understanding.  We say that we want wisdom…until we start


Need to Persevere 

   Matthew 10:22; 24:13 – We need to keep believing in what God is doing in our lives. 

      We must not give up!  God knows what we are going through. 

   Colossians 1:22-23 – Verse 23 says, “Provided that you continue in the faith.”  Satan is

      always trying to push us to abandon our faith so that we will be separated from God. 

   Hebrews 10:39 – Do not pull away, or “shrink back.”  If we have confidence in God

      and what he is doing in our lives, we will not be among those who do. 

   Revelation 2:10 – Death is the end of our struggles to keep our faith!  But death is not

      the end in that we are entering the eternal realm of life.\ 


God has a plan for us 

God patiently works his purposes

We need to yield to God 

We must continue to trust God

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