God has been better to us than we have been to ourselves.  We gather today to give thanks to the God who gave us his son to die for our sins.

Hosea 3: A Strange Request From A “Strange” God

For centuries the children didn’t live in a land that honored God.  The people of God lived as slaves.  Slavery was designed to strip them of their pride.  When God begins to move He will act.  God called Moses to go and tell them and Pharaoh let my people go.  The cries of the people had reached God.  Anytime that God is getting ready to use you, you can rest assured that Satan will show up.  Moses said to God, Who am I to go to Pharaoh.  God said just to tell Pharaoh I am sent you.  The Lord of the universe will be with you.  Moses and Pharaoh got into a confrontation, because Pharaoh knew he would lose power.  Exodus 6 —  God was teaching his people that he was in control.  He was teaching them the reason he was freeing them.  They couldn’t hear him because they were discouraged.  Exodus 14 — God is trying to get his people to trust him.  God wants us today to be totally dependent on him.  Today we are co-dependent on him instead of dependent on him.  Sometimes God makes things difficult to teach us dependency on him.  When the children went to the Red Sea, God sent them there.  God wanted to teach them he could take care of them.  Instead of focusing on what you can see, depend on God. 

Hosea 3 — The very people that God had liberated had begun to worship.  Today we depend on our jobs and our thinking ability instead of God.  People left to their own devises are foolish  (Jeremiah 10:8).

God’s people had begun to turn to idolatry. Hosea was asked to go remarry his unfaithful wife.  Hosea obeyed.  This is an illustration of God’s forgiveness of us.  We all have been Sinful and God wanted to save us.  Hosea is a type of Christ.  Jesus has loved us like we have never sinned.  God sent Jesus to walk among us because God still loves us.  

Being able to tell others your story is personal evangelism.  We become effect by showing what God has done for us in our lives.  God decided to use people who we as humans would have given up on.  Jacob and David are examples of people God used to communicate his message. 

Hosea is an example of what Jesus would do for us. 

God wants all men to be saved.  We need to allow God to work in our lives so that we have a story to tell others.   Jesus came to save those who are lost. 

We often truly don’t know God or have a relationship with God.  Sometimes we are inwardly distressed and don’t have the relationship with God to turn it over to him.. 

The prodigal son was treated with a fatted calf, a ring, a robe, and shoes.  The father treated him like a prince.  The elder brother was upset.  We today are like that when people return.  The elder son asked how can you take him back?  The father said everything I have is yours.  That boy had lived in the father’s house, but he hadn’t developed a relationship with the father. 

Jer. 29:11.

God has a plan and a purpose for your life.  God wants to use you to show Jesus to the world.   

Luke 4:16-18. Jesus is preaching about human needs.  Jesus had you in mind. 

Isaiah 43:7. You are created to give God glory. We are created for the glory of God to bless you, and for you to communicate to people who are seeking him.  We need to let others know how Jesus has changed our lives.

—Trey Carrion, 4-3-05, p.m.

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