Almighty and glorious Father in heaven—

How great you are! How wonderful your deeds of creation and how marvelous the provisions you have made for the human family! How deep your love for all people! How tenderly you deal with your children!

Although our hearts are heavy today as we say goodbye to the dear lady we once knew and still love, we do not despair, since by faith we can think of her as a happy saint on a fresh new day in heaven, gazing in wonder and rapture at the beauty of the place you have prepared for your faithful children.

Even so, we grieve at the vacancy in our congregation, our family circle, and our hearts — because we have lost a sister in the divine family and a dear friend. Please touch our hearts with your love and turn our tears from the brine of sadness to jewels of joy.

We pray especially for her husband and other family members, who will miss her the most. May their bereavement be eased by happy memories and their own sweet hope of heaven. And may they find true gratitude in their hearts that the course of her disease was less painful and burdensome than it often can be.

All of us have been blessed by our dear sister, as have so many others, including the many foster children for whom she provided a chance to get a good start in life. Thank you that she has touched our lives, and thank you for the hope we have in the Lord Jesus, who loved us and gave himself for us. In his name we pray.


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