Dear Father,

In recent days, as you know, I have sinned before others and in your full sight. While I could wish for valid excuses, I realize that there is no real excuse for my disobedience. The reason for my sins is my own weakness as your wayward child, and I’m ashamed for not living up to your requirements and expectations. You know the details, the depths, of my sins, and I confess humbly that I’m as guilty as if I had driven a nail into the hand of my Savior. And it is because of the blood He shed for me that I am bold enough to pray for your forgiveness. Please erase my sins from your sight and don’t hold them against me. I know I don’t deserve such a gift, but I believe your promises to forgive and forget when a penitent believer confesses and asks for forgiveness.

As to the future, I cannot promise to live without sin, but with your help I surely want and hope to do better in resisting temptation. Please give me the strength for that. And if you choose to exercise discipline as a reminder of the consequences of disobedience, help me to accept that as your gift of love. May I ever keep before me a vision of the eternal home that awaits the faithful, and may my life help others to have the same hope. I pray in the glorious name of Jesus.


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