Heavenly Father:

We come now with thanksgiving as well as concern for our great nation. Thank you for the beauty and productivity of the land, and thank you for the freedoms we enjoy. Thank you for our founding fathers and the wisdom they displayed in establishing a government based on Christian principles.

But to our national shame those freedoms are being abused more and more often, even to the extent of considering them license to do wrong without penalty from you or from our own laws. Those laws have been stretched and revised to condone evil practices and in some cases to try to muzzle your servants who would speak against them. Father, please give us leaders with the wisdom to see the need to turn the country back to those Christian principles — in laws, in words and in deeds. Give them strong determination to do all they can to make this the nation our forefathers envisioned, a nation acknowledging You as the supreme leader, the One whose approval we most desire.

We recognize that we ourselves have failed in overlooking opportunities to speak up for what is right. Please forgive us of any guilt we have incurred in our nation’s moral decline. May the minions of Satan who work so hard to destroy Christianity eventually see the error of their ways and seek after you. Please bless your servants in all their efforts to that end.

We pray also in behalf of the men and women in our armed forces. Thank you for their willingness to serve. Our hearts’ desire is for their protection even as they protect our nation.

With love for you and for our Lord Jesus Christ even above our love for our country, we pray in Jesus’ name.


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