Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you, thank you so very much for my lovely children. What a blessing they are! I am continually amazed and heartened to realize that these wonderful creatures have been entrusted to me and their mother. How great and kind you are to bless us with such precious gifts! But how can I ever measure up in your sight to the duties and character you require of a father? Only with your continual help can I even approach the status of being a worthy father to these lovely human beings who are so dependent on me. So bless me, Father. I pray humbly and sincerely for your guiding hand in helping their dear mother and me to nurture and sustain them and lead them through childhood as all parents should do.

Please give me patience and tenderness far beyond what I ever felt necessary before. Show me in your own way when I have stumbled in teaching, leading and loving these golden little people. Teach me to show by words and action that they are dearer to me than life itself. Help me learn how to praise their successes and cushion their hurts with love and kindness. And by all means help me teach them about getting along with others, and more importantly, about you, about Jesus, and about heaven and how to get there. Let your strength be mine in this noble task. In Jesus’ lovely name I pray.



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