In Ezekiel’s prophecies he says that the nation of Israel will experience a great time of abundance and peace in the future.  At that time in history the people had seen everything devastated and lost.  Those that believed the prophecies lived with a hope in God that he would restore all good things to Israel.  Ezk.27: 34

  • Prophecies Fulfilled: How will we respond to God’s work?

Matthew 13:1-58

Many people today do not think that the prophecies of the Old Testament have been fulfilled. However, in this reading Jesus says that on a spiritual level he is the fulfillment of God’s plan. 

  • The Object of Our Choice: Gods Word

Those that take in the word and let the word bear fruit are receptive to God. 1Peter 1:22-2:3

We need to work in regards to the word to show we are serious about spiritual things.  

  • The Openness of Our Choice: Desire for God’s Love

Are we willing to sacrifice for God’s love?  1Peter 2:2-3

People who have tasted the kindness of God want to do what ever it takes to get more of it in their lives.                                                                                                                                 

  • The Outcome of Our Choices: Life or Death

God will keep what is valuable.  Make the choices that keep you in The Way, which leads to life. 

–Robert Lee, 5-1-05, p.m.


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