In this amazing age we live in we have opportunities to help people all over the world. 

James 1:25-27

God wants us to be doers.  Giving is close to God’s heart.  If we go through formalities, but don’t assist those who are in need we aren’t practicing pure religion. 

Religion that is Pure

  • Acts 26:4-5

Paul was a very serious Jew.  He followed all the “rules”, but he later said his religion flew in the face of what God wanted.

  • Matt. 23:1-39

Jesus recognized a similar problem in his day.

  • Col.2:18-19

We must keep our focus on Jesus Christ to practice pure religion.  We must watch out for our own pride.

  • Exodus. 22:22

We have the capacity to harm the powerless. 

  • Deut. 14:27-29

God’s law calls us to do more for the powerless than just no harming them.  God calls us to meet their needs.

We have over 5 billion people on the planet and the earth can support them, but will humanity step up to do God’s will?

  • Psa. 82:3-4

The call of the scripture is to help the helpless.  It is not God’s fault that people are in poverty it is the human nature to focus on self.

  • Isaiah 1:16-17

Help the helpless.

  • Matt. 10:42

We all have enough to make a difference.  Giving is always noticed by God.

Visiting the Afflicted

  • Gen. 50:24-25

God will take care of you or visit you in your troubles.

  • Exodus 4:31

God visited his people.

  • Matt. 1:23, Phil. 2:3-8

God sent Jesus to dwell with us.

  • Luke 7:16

God was with the people.

  • Matt. 25:34-36

We are called to get out of our comfort zone.  We need to go out of our way to serve. 

—Robert Lee, 6-5-05, a.m.

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