Overcoming Spiritual Helplessness

Romans 7:14-8:27

Romans 7:14-25

Paul describes a situation of Spiritual helplessness. He cannot do what is good without God’s help. We can either recognize our sin and seek Jesus or we can fail to recognize our condition and point out other’s sin. Paul saw this in himself when he met Jesus on the road. 

God’s Saving Gifts

Romans 8:1

“No condemnation” – We have new beginnings.  God gives us power over the guilt.  Our lives are free from carrying the heavy burden of guilt. Experience the joy.

Romans 8:2-4

“Walk according to the Spirit”

We are given new directions and guidance.  We have the power to find our way. 

Romans 8:5-8

“Mind Set on The Spirit” – We have a new way of thinking.  We have a new opportunity to think positive spiritual thoughts.  We have power over destructive thoughts in our lives.  We can put our minds on the things of the spirit.

Romans 8:9-11

“Life to Mortal Bodies” – We have a new hope.  We have power over the fear of things that effect our fleshly body especially death. 

Romans 8:12-13

“Putting to Death the Deeds of the Body” – We have new victories over our own destructive behaviors.  These are the behaviors that mess up our relationships and cause us guilt and anxiety. 

Romans 8:14-17

“Children of God” – We have a new relationship with God and we have power over loneliness.  Jesus gave us the opportunity to have a relationship as a child of God.

Romans 8:26-27

“Spirit intercedes for us” – We have a new connection with God.  We have power over isolation from God.  The Spirit connects us to God through our prayers.  Our prayers are heard by God because of what Jesus did and by the Holy Spirit of God.

What was God’s Motivation?

Romans 8:35-39 -God’s love

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