(John 9)

  • A Blind Man

There is a parallel between how Jesus healed this man and how he heals us from our sins.  (The following headings were supplied by David Roper in a sermon published in Truth for Today, Life of Christ.) 

A Puzzle To Be Solved

Vs. 2-4

The disciples wondered first, “Who sinned, this man or his parents?” Their question was foolish in the first part (how could the man have sinned before his birth?) and judgmental in the second part (assuming that the parents must have sinned). In a sense we are all suffering the consequences of sin’s entry into the world.  However, Ezekiel clearly teaches that all are responsible for their own sins (Ezekiel 34:7).

In this case, Jesus said that this man was blind so that God’s works could be shown.  We often ask who’s to blame.  Maybe we should ask, how can I handle this so that I am pleasing to God? 

A Person To Be Healed

(1, 5-7.14)

Jesus saw this blind man as a person.  He used this as an opportunity to help this man.  His treatment was simple and he didn’t say you will be healed and then report to me.

The blind man went and did as Jesus said. 

A Problem To Be Resolved


He went and told his neighbors.  The neighbors thought he looked the same — but different.  Now, it occurred to them that this happened on the Sabbath. All in all, the neighbors were troubled by him and thought it best to hand off the problem to the Pharisees, the religious leaders of that day.

A Predicament To Be Escaped

(15-17, 22)

The religious leaders said Jesus was not from God because he healed this person on the Sabbath.  Jesus was guilty of “working”. He was guilty of ignoring their traditions. They labeled him a bad man but were left with the predicament of explaining how a bad man could have the power that he obviously had. So they decided to call in the man’s parents and perhaps find a way out of their predicament. 

A Pitfall To Be Avoided


The parents were called on to witness. The Pharisees asked three questiosn: (1) Is this your son? (2) Was he born blind? (3) How did he receive his sight? The parents answered the first two questions in the affirmative, but choked on the third. They were afraid to give the correct answer, which they undoubtedly knew, for fear of being cast out of the synagogue. So they said we don’t know how he was healed. They avoided the pitfall they say in that third question. We can understand their fear without condoning their timidity. 

A Pest To Be Crushed


Before, this blind man could only hear hatred, now he can see it in his questioner’s faces. They said you are under oath;  tell us what really happened.  They saw him now as a pest who had to be crushed, and thought they could do it with their harsh interrogation methods. But the man, who probably had no education, clearly defeated them with his answers. So they “put him out” — apparently meaning they kicked him out of the synagogue.  The blind man had had quite a day — blind in the morning, healed, questioned by the highest court, and kicked out of God’s house. But the best was yet to come. 

A Person To Be Saved


Jesus sought him out.  Jesus took the initiative, just as he did in coming to earth in the first place. For Jesus was sent to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).  Jesus wanted to save him.  Now he has spiritual enlightenment as well as physical enlightenment.  The more he knew about Jesus, the more he believed. We don’t know about his later life, of course, and being cast out by the Pharisees undoubtedly made his life hard. But he seemed the kind of man who would stick to his faith 

  • The Blind Men

The really blind men were the Pharisees. They witnessed Jesus’ conversation with the formerly blind man and somehow suspected he might be referring to them when he contrasted physical and spiritual blindness. So they said, in effect, “Surely you are not talking about us!” Jesus answered, in effect, “If you were physically blind, that would not affect your relationship with God, but as long as you refuse to admit your spiritual blindness, there is no hope for you.” 

These three things are needed in order to open one’s eyes to the truth of Christ’s gospel:

1. James 1:21


2. Luke 8:15

An honest and seeking heart

3. 2 Thess. 2:10

Love of the truth

 We must seek spiritual light. 

–Travis Allen, 6-19-05, a.m.

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