“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Real New Testament Missionary Work

(Please read Mark 16:15-16)

October 7

To spread the gospel, the apostles and other early Christians faced many obstacles. Vice was prevalent in much of the world. Religion was mostly national rather than personal, formal rather than heartfelt. Sexual immorality, emperor worship, superstitions and idolatry were considered religions. Philosophical parties and religious sects were prejudiced against Christianity.

Christians could have been daunted by the magnitude of their task, but there were some conditions which had a positive effect on their work — underlining Jesus’ earlier declaration that the fields were “white already unto harvest.” Jews were already familiar with the idea of one true and living God. Greeks offered the most nearly perfect language of the day as a fitting, almost universal means of recording and communicating the oracles of God. The Romans bound east and west together, brought law and order, and developed land and sea travel. And many people were tired of their environment and ripe for reform.

So Christians spread the word. The message was delivered boldly, without flattering words or covetousness, never seeking glory from men, but gently, affectionately desirous of the hearers, in weakness and fear and much trembling. . . .

They taught in a variety of places: the temple, synagogues, homes, a chariot on a public road, a women’s riverside prayer meeting, in jail, on some castle stairs, in the Sanhedrin court, before governors and kings, in a school, on shipboard, on Mars Hill.

And what a wonderful job they did! Let’s thank God continually for those great men and women who kept alive the flame of truth which warms our hearts and nurtures our hope to this day.

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