Can we control what we think?  Have you lived most of your life thinking you can’t control your thinking.? After all there are a lot of things about our bodies we can’t control, our breathing, hair growth- etc.  We sometimes think our thoughts in our brains are automatic.   There is a woman, Byron Katie, who has a process to change our thoughts.  Dr. Phil has a plan called the Self Matters Action Plan.  Both of these individuals say we should look at ourselves.

  • We Must Examine Our Thinking

1 Cor. 11:28

Are you like Jesus?  Ask God to help you see Jesus more clearly so you can be like him.

2 Cor. 13:5

Test your thoughts.  Compare yourself to Christ.

1 Thess. 5:21

God will set you apart.  Examine yourself to see what is good and evil.  Replace evil with God’s good.  God wants us to be holy.  We are the only ones who can control our individual thoughts.  I must apply scriptures to my own life.

New Thinking For God’s Peace

Phil. 4:6-9

It first takes a faith in God and a living prayer life to experience changed thinking.  God knows us better than we know ourselves.  We need God’s help to change. 

Verse 8 – Beginning with God’s help take this list of great positives to change our thinking.  We can change these to questions for our thoughts-

1. Is it true?   You can avoid conflicts by verifying our facts.

2.  Is it worthy of honor by God?

3.  Is it right in God’s eyes?  God’s laws are right.

4.  Is it pure, holy, and clean?

5.  Does it promote God’s love?

6.  Is it good news?

7.  Is it excellent to God?

8.  Would God praise it? 

Verse 9- Right Doing    Our behavior changes when our thinking changes.  

  • Jesus Promised Peace

John 14:27   Jesus left his peace with the apostles.  If their thinking was right even after the crucifixion  they would have peace.

Isaiah 11:6-9  This shows that God can make things happen that this world thinks are impossible.

John 16:33 – This peace is only available through Jesus.  Jesus transforms us at our center.  We need to have faith in God that we can change to experience this peace. John 20:19

We must not depend on others to have a relationship with God.

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