Rejecting God As King

1Sam. 8:1-22

 At this time, judges led the nation of Israel. 

 The People’s Desire (vs. 4-5)

The nation wanted a king appointed to lead them.  The nation wanted to solve their problems as the nations around them had. They wanted a worldly solution to their problems. 

  • Samuel Prayed (vs. 6)

Eph. 6:18a

Pray at all times in the Spirit.  Whatever circumstances we need to pray. Our response to a Spiritual crisis is to call on God for help.

  • God Reveals His Heart (7-8)

God’s response is based on the relationship God has with his people.

Gen. 6:5-8

Noah had a relationship with God.   

  • God Warns (vs. 9-18)

God doesn’t take away the choice of the people.

Matt. 24:1-8

Jesus warns about what to expect.  God gives information and let’s us make choices. 

  • God Acquiesces (vs 19-22)

God let’s us go our own way. 

Romans 1:24, 26,28

God let’s us make our own choices and take our consequences.   He gives us that freedom to go the way we choose.

Let’s encourage one another to make the right choices. 

—Robert Lee, 1-16-05, p.m.

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