Matt. 28:18-20. We need to make disciples from the world.

King Hezekiah’s Outreach
2 Chronicles 30. Hezekiah, a good king, succeeded his father Ahaz, a bad king. Historically the people in the two kingdoms (Israel and Judah) were enemies of one another and rebellious tooward God.
The temple was closed for possibly 32 years. Once the temple was cleaned out and was ready for sacrifices, sacrifices for atonement were made for both the northern and southern kingdoms. Hezekiah invited all the people to celebrate the feast of the Passover in the temple. His message was clear that they should turn back to God even though their national situation was very unhopeful.
Some did take the invitation. The ones who came were unified. But there was a problem because they ate the Passover without purification. Hezekiah didn’t make them follow the rules, but he prayed that they would be healed by God; he interceded before God for them. God heard his prayer and healed the people.

2 Chronicles 31:1. The Israelites who had celebrated the Passover destroyed idols that they and fellow citizens had been worshiping. This then was a great outreach from Hezekiah to Israel.

The Lesson for Us
Purify the temple (of our bodies) (1 Cor. 6:19); be blameless for the coming of Christ (1Thess.5:23); set minds on what is good (Phil.4:8)..
Pray for the lost and for our enemies (Matt. 5:43-44). God is perfect in his desires for what is good for all.
Be ready to teach others (1Peter 3:15). Be prepared to give an answer with respect and gentleness.
Be ready for rejection of our teaching. We should not be worried, because Jesus was rejected
Bear their burdens; intercede for them (Romans 15:1; Gal.6:1-2). We should not give up on people, but help one another. Jesus is the great intercessor for us (Heb.4:15-16).

Chuck Huffine, 2-22-04, p.m.

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