Matt 16:1

Jesus warns of teaching that is destructive.  Peter confesses that Jesus is God’s son and more than a prophet.  Peter understood that Jesus is the son of God.  There is power in this confession.  God works on his timetable and not on ours and the time to tell this news was not then.

Verse 21- Peter did not understand that Jesus would have to die.  Satan is behind confusion.  Jesus was telling Peter that he did not understand God’s mind and his interests.  We were made for God and our ultimate happiness is in him.  God demands that we publicly carry our devotion to God.  We must crucify our human self and live fully for God.  God wants us to strip away everything of no value and be left with what is of value. 

Jesus wants us to be a part of his kingdom.

Matt 17:1

We go from talking about Jesus and his weakness to Jesus transfigured.  Jesus glowed and God spoke.  This was an amazing physical display of God’s power.  People fell on their faces because of what they saw. 

Jesus tells them that he will suffer and die even though God has physical power.  This is how God’s plan was designed. 

Some of the disciples were trying to cast out an evil spirit and could not.  Jesus tells them to focus on God and they will have enough power to accomplish anything for God.  Their faith will be strong enough.

God has a plan for our life.  If we have faith we can access God’s power.  God uses the weak to do incredible things.

—Robert Lee, 4-9-06, p.m.


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