There are three key words from this sermon.

Beginning with 1Cor. 15.
We don’t automatically remember that Christ died for our sins, but in this reading Paul is reminding us of The Gospel that saves us.


These three words are the focal point of The Gospel.

1. Remember the gospel. Remember you are a Christian. The gospel is true (John 8:31-32).
As Christians we need to hold on to the truth of the Gospel (John 8:33-34).. Shape your thought process around Jesus and the Word. Once your life is shaped around Jesus, you can know the truth of the gospel and that you are forgiven and that you are free from the burden of your sins (James 1:13 -15). One sin makes us a slave to sin, one sin requires a sacrifice, and I only have one life so I can never atone for all my sins. I need the sacrifice of Jesus. A Christian’s faith needs to be grounded in the Gospel.
Rom. 6:23  The gift of God is eternal life

2. Hold onto the gospel.
Rom. 8:1-4.
There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. We need to live like we are forgiven. We as Christians are forgiven, but we live with the consequences of our sins so that we can learn from it and hold more firmly to the gospel.
We need to live as forgiven people and hold to Jesus.

Romans 6:1-4.
We as Christians are dead to sin, we were buried with Him in baptism, and we rose to walk with Him (Acts 2:38).
We have been called to obey the gospel. We have the gift of eternal life. We need to work hard to focus our lives on Christ.

3. Forgiveness
You are forgiven by your obedience to the gospel (Romans 6:4).
We will rise to meet Jesus on the resurrection day. We need to live as people who are free from sin (John 8:36). Nothing holds us back because we are forgiven. We don’t have to face the sins and traps alone.
John 14:6. There are always stresses, trials and temptations in this life, but the Gospel is there as our road map to live as forgiven people.

—Scott Tarkenton, 10-10-04, a.m.

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