In the book of Jeremiah 28 there was an incident where Jeremiah told the people that God was going to send the people out of the Promised Land and they would not return for 70 years. The false prophet said that the return in 2 years. There is a huge difference in 2 & 70 years.
• In 70 years the nation would be totally different
• In our lives, change causes renewal. We need to renewal to help us grow.
• Changes, suffering and loss cause growth
Romans 8:28-29
• Assurance that God is at work in all things
• Things won’t always turn out the way we want them to, but to God’s purpose
Romans 12:2-3
• We need to renew according to God’s word
Col. 3:9-10
• Be renewed in th image of your creator
Rom. 5:3-5
• Suffering helps us to grow in God’s love. We should always rejoice because even in suffering God is at work in us
1 Cor,. 2:12
• Understand what God has given us
• We need a renewed and transformed mind
• We need a relationship with God
Lamentations 3:25-27
• The Lord is good to those wait on him
• God wants us to have a good attitude and do the things that are right
2 Cor. 7:10
• Godly sorrow can lead to repentance from sin
1 Peter 3:13-17, 4:12-16
• Suffering isn’t always because of sin-sometimes it’s because of doing good
• Rejoice when you stand up for what is right and you suffer in Jesus name
• God can work out something good from evil (Joseph was sold by his brothers and later God made it right)
• We can be accused of wrong doing because of the company we keep. We can choose to be self righteous or we can examen ourselves and change what we are doing wrong. There are 4 things we can learn:.
• It is an opportunity to walk with God
• God’s word is living and active
• Life isn’t fair
• If we are misunderstood it isn’t the end of the world for us. We can use our misfortunes to grow, change and be renewed.
Jeremiah 29:10-14
This is like the gospel in the promise of renewal, hope and resurrection..

—Chuck Huffine, 2-19-a.m.

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