Matt. 13:1-23. Jesus spoke to a crowd in parables.
It is essential that we receive the truth in a firm way.

Learn Truth — 1st Level
If we aren’t receptive then there are no benefits of God’s word.
Acts 7:51-53. Stephen says that these people did not want to listen to God’s truth.
1Peter 2:2. Long for the word. Yearn for the word.
Romans 12:2. Don’t think like the world, think about what God’s will is for us.
Matt. 13:1-23.

2nd Level — Live Truth
Are we willing to take the Word and live it? Can we do it, as it gets tough?
Matt.7:24-27. When we hear the Word and put down roots we can weather the storms.
James 1:22-25. Be a hearer and take action to live out the Word.
James 2:14-17. If you know about needs and do nothing then you are not being effective.
Matt. 13:1-23.

3rd Level — Love the Truth
Other things choke the Word.
2 Thess.2:10-12. We can believe a falsehood and end up failing if we don’t love God with our whole heart.
John 14:21-24. God will come to you if you Love Him and depend on Him.
John 15:9. We must have a relationship with God that involves Love.
1 John 5:3. We should desire to do God’s will. We need to impact people for God.

—Robert Lee, May 9, 2004, p.m.

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