“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“Righteousness and Peace Kiss Each Other” 

(Please read Psalm 85:10-13)

October 30

We offered some thoughts in an earlier meditation on the great legacy of peace that followers of Christ can claim. Jesus had told his apostles, “My peace I give to you.” It was that peace which enabled him to face and endure the pain of the cross with relative calmness and lack of bitterness.

To say Christians have the peace of Christ is not to say that they will never suffer anguish, but the Lord’s peace will make it possible to live through such things and still have joyful assurance in Christ. If there is anything about our religion that we imagine or know to be incompatible with peace, we had better take another look at our religion.

Whatever else the words of our title mean in their context in Psalm 85, surely they indicate that righteousness and peace go together. We almost said “hand in hand,” but the language is stronger than that: they “kiss each other” (NIV). Then when peace seems to be eluding us, there must be something amiss about our righteousness. Perhaps in place of the righteousness of God, which comes through faith in Christ Jesus, we have gradually substituted something else that we think of as righteousness. Which in turn surely means that our faith has slipped. So, if we will, we can read the warning signs, turn our attention back to the Giver of peace and regain our precious legacy.

Righteousness and peace, both from heaven. What a wonderful set of gifts for God’s children! Let them be yours for life – and beyond.

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