sandradorseySandra Anita Simmons was born September 1, 1953, in Denver. She was the first of three children born to William and Merlee Simmons. Sandra was raised in the Church of Christ, and was baptized at the age of 14.

She was introduced to Michael Dorsey by a neighbor, who just happened to be his grandmother. After a three-year courtship Michael and Sandy were married on May 30, 1981. They had three sons, Christopher, Joseph and Anthony.

Sandy was blessed with a long career at Mountain Bell/USWest. But she was passionate about returning to school to become a teacher so she could could make a difference by teaching young children in their formative years. So she earned a Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Denver. Teaching young children was a dream come true for Sandy. For the next five years she enjoyed teaching third grade at Oakland Elementary School. She also enjoyed cooking, writing poetry, and camping with the family. Having a very creative, artistic nature, she designed clothes and made flower arrangements and photo albums.

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