When looking at the beginnings of the event we today call Halloween, there are many questions about how Christians should handle any observance of this celebration.  As Christians we are called to follow our own conscience.  The message we need to promote is that nature is under submission to Jesus.  Partying is on the rise at this time of the year.  As Christians we need to be aware that alcohol and drug consumption are not the way to solve the problems of life.

Peter is an example of someone in scripture who learned how to be close to Jesus and rely on him to solve his problems.

  • Peter’s Guilt

Luke 5:1-11

When Peter saw the miracle of the fish Peter’s first reaction was spiritual.  Peter shows his guilt because his first reaction was get away from me, I’m too sinful to be this close to God.  Jesus response is don’t be afraid.  Jesus gives Peter God’s vision for Peter’s life.  Peter now doesn’t have to spend his time worrying about his sin.  This is a defeat for Jesus.

  • Blindness  to God’s Purpose

Mark 8:27-38 (Luke 9:18-27)

Peter now says that Jesus is the One that the Jews had been waiting for, the Messiah.  Right after this great confession comes a great failure.  This shows Satan is always right there ready to tempt us.  We need to be aware that we need to always be spiritual alert.  We need to put God’s plan first.  God’s call for our lives is far above our own agenda.   We need to live for God’s spiritual work in our lives.

  • Blindness to Weaknesses

Luke 22:28-34, 54-62

Just as Jesus said, Peter denied knowing Jesus.  Peter wasn’t ready to witness because of his fear.  If we are not aware of our own weaknesses we will be vulnerable to Satan using those weaknesses against us.

  • Peter’s Usefulness

God used Peter for great works despite his failures.

John 21:1-24

Acts 2

Acts 10-11

We face Satan at every time of the year, not just Halloween. Be ready to do God’s will.

—Robert Lee, 10-23-05, a.m.

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