We rarely come across people who make such a big changes in their lives that we really notice it in their behaviors. One person, who we have as an example, is Paul.

Acts 26:1-23. Paul is defending himself against King Agrippa..

Saul’s Rage At Christians (and God)
(Acts 26: 9-11)
Paul was taking it on himself to try to end Christianity..Why was Paul so angry? Saul was angry at God. Many times we are angry at the way God is handling situations.

Romans 7:14. Paul (previously known as Saul) was a slave to sin and living for his own purposes.
Romans 8:6-8. Paul was previously living in the flesh and not looking to God for his directions.
Eph. 4:31-32. A very demanding commandment – put away malaise and anger.
We should ask when we are angry, “What can I learn from this?”

Saul’s Fighting Against God
(Acts 26:12-15)
Jesus asked Saul, “Why are you against me?” Jesus said things were hard for Saul because he was against God’s plan for his life. Saul was fighting against God’s plan for the world and Saul’s part in it. We should ask ourselves, “Am I fighting against God’s plan for my life?”
Hebrews 12:4-11. God disciplines us as a loving father trains his children. God’s will for us is that all things will work for good. Are we yielding to our Heavenly father? Or, are we fighting against Him?

Saul’s Mission From God
(Acts 26:16-18)
Once Saul acknowledges Jesus as his master, Jesus says that Saul should begin to carry out the work God has for him to do.
Eph. 6:5-8. Paul addresses slaves. He says that they should recognize their freedom in Christ and the fact that God has a mission for each of us.
1Peter 2:9-10. You are a people of God with a mission from God. God is waiting to give you opportunities to fill your mission.

Saul’s Obedience To God
(Acts 26:19-23)
Saul tells Agrippa that he did not cease to fulfill his mission — telling people the good news about Jesus
Acts 20:18-24. Saul was determined to follow what God had given him to do.
Is the Lord calling you to follow Him and fulfill what He has planned for you and is calling you to do?

Robert Lee, 9-12-04, a.m

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