A story about India: When they went to India the first time there were constant activities. The Indian Christians sought them out constantly. They sought refuge from the press of people by going to a beautiful hotel and sat at a window seat and over looking a lovely pond. The experience made him homesick for home.

We are too content with our homes and our things in this world. We need to seek our eternal home. We should long for our home. When God chooses for us to die we will go home. Our earthly sorrows and troubles are God’s way of making us long for home.
Exodus 2:23-24 Exodus 3:7-10. The Israelites longed to go home.
Psalm 137:1. There were two kingdoms in Israel. The southern kingdom was taken into captivity. They remembered home — Jerusalem a place of great joy.
We live in a very comfortable land, a land of great abundance. In India they look at America as a land of promise. Do we long for something better?

Luke 15:11-32. The story of the prodigal son. Because of his job he was unclean so he was unable to approach God. He was motivated to change by thoughts of home and how things were different. Parents today should remain faithful so that we can be there for our children. The father in this story was overjoyed by the return of his son, as God is when we turn to Him.

Heb.11:8-15. Abraham, Issac and Jacob never saw the fulfillment of the promise. Do we get discouraged? We should long for home and keep going towards heaven depending on God to keep His promises.
Rev.22-17 21-22.

–Jerry Rogers, 5-23-04, p.m.

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