September 2005 Calendar Article
Our Theme for 2005:
Living for Jesus

Living for Jesus by Helping One Another

—By Melba Anderson

In Matthew 25:33-40, Jesus gives examples of how we should treat others, especially follows of Christ; feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, providing shelter, providing clothing and visiting the sick and those in prison. Jesus was not teaching good deeds so we could earn salvation. Salvation is not something that is earned. We are saved by God’s grace. We should help one another out of love for Jesus and each other.

We often have needy Christians and non-Christians came to us for assistance in their daily needs of shelter, clothing and food. These needs can usually be taken care of by giving from our abundance that we have all been blessed with. With our “busy” life styles, it is sometimes more difficult to attend to others needs when it involves our “time”. Some questions we might ask ourselves are:

Do I visit the sick and tend to their needs?

Do I lend a “listening ear” when a troubled brother or sister needs to just talk?

When I greet someone and ask, “How are you?” do I listen to the reply, do I care, or do I simply turn to meet someone else?

Is it always too easy just to say, “Call me if you need anything”?

We must always try to provide for those less fortunate with the essentials of daily life. We must also remember that helping one another is not just providing the tangible goods we can give. Helping one another is also the small daily encouragements and showing that we really care for each other.

What is done to Christ’s followers is done to him. Let us all strive to “Live for Jesus.”

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