Our Purpose for Life 

Choosing God

  • Exodus 20:5-6 – Don’t serve the things of this world.  We are putting our lives into something and if it isn’t God, it is something of the world.
  • Exodus 23:27-28 -Don’t serve other gods or idols.  We must choose to serve God.  There are blessings in serving God.
  • Deuteronomy 10:12-22 Serve God out of love and obedience.  God is great and his love is very good.  God blesses those who serve him.  Serve with all your heart and soul.
  • Joshua 24:13-28 (Exodus 24:3) – Choose to Serve the Lord.  Are we trying to please ourselves or please God? 

Serving God Only

  • Matthew 4:8-11 (Luke 4:5-8) – Jesus says to serve only God.  Jesus knew the heart of God and loved him only.
  • Acts 7:1-7 – Steven gives his defense and he quotes that the people will serve God.  God gave them the land so that he could bless them and so they could have a place to serve him.
  • Acts 7:41-42 -The history is of the people failing to serve God.  Let us not fail today.
  • Romans 1:25 -Don’t worship the creature or creation, but the creator.  Don’t let people or things get between you and God.

Washed and Ready

  • 2 Timothy 1:3 -Our conscience shows us when things on our lives aren’t right.
  • Hebrews 9:13-14 – When we surrender our lives to God our sins are taken away and we are free to serve the Lord.  

 —Robert Lee, 1-6-08, p.m.


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