Praying, Thinking, Doing

Philippians 4:5-9; Matthew 7:7-11


  • Phil. 4:5 -Have a spirit of gentleness to others, 2 Tim. 2:24-26 God has been gentle with us.  When we are faced with anger and harshness what are we to do?  We tend to react with anger and harshness right back.  Responding with gentleness seems out of line.  Christians respond to violence with mercy and grace.  We as servants of a loving Savior are called on to respond with gentleness.  Winning a war will not be done with force, but by winning the spirit to gentleness.
  • Phil.  4:6-7 – God is close to us and we are called to commit ourselves to pray.  We don’t have to have anxiety about life because we turn our stress to God.  God will give us peace.
  • Matt.  7:7-11 – Trust God to supply answers.  Keep asking for help.  Our prayer life should be fervent.  Heb.  4:16 Expect God to bless you.  Pour out your heart before God.


  • Phl. 4:8 – Think about what is good.  Replace what is negative with what is good. 
  • Matt.  7:7-11 -Seek what is good.  Be willing to seek what is good.
  • Eph.  4:20-24 -Be renewed in your mind.  


  • Phil. 4:9 -Put good into action.
  • Matt.  7:711 -Knock on that door.  (Luke 11:9-13)
  • 2 Cor.  12:7-10- Fervently pray for your own needs.  God’s grace will carry you through.  God will enable you to do what he wants you to do.

—Robert Lee, 3-9-08, a.m.

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