Philippians  2:12-30 

Being a Light

  • Philippians  2:12-18 – God seeks to transform our will into his will.   Serve God with a positive attitude.  Be a light to the world. Watch what you say.  Follow Paul’s example and rejoice in all circumstances. 
  • Matt.  5:14-16, Eph.  5:6-14 -We are the light, but we can’t control other’s response to the light.  Only God can bring the light in us.
  • Romans 12:2 – We must be different than the world if we are going to be a light.  We must act like Jesus and talk about God to be different than the world.
  • Romans  13:11-14 – Don’t be destructive to your life and body.  Choose light in your life so you get the consequences the light brings to your life.  Be engaged with people so that you bring light to those around you.

Genuine Concern

  • Philippians  2:1-24 – Paul wanted Timothy to serve because he really cared about the ministry.  God wants us to care.
  • Romans 12:9-10 – God calls us to care for others without hypocrisy.
  •  1 Peter 1:22-23 – Through the power of the Word we can care from the inside out.  Bring the Word in so that you can grow and learn to love sincerely.  This kind of love is the kind that goes beyond loving those who deserve it.

Our Risks and God’s Mercy

  • Philippians  2:25-30 – This man came close to death for his service to God.  Mature Christians are willing to give it all for Christ’s message of love.
  • Acts 15:24-26 – Paul and Barnabas were trustworthy.
  • Romans 16:3-4- These people risked their lives for the Lord’s message.

What are we willing to risk for the Lord?

—Robert Lee, 2-17-08, p.m

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