Shari was born June 3, 1957 in Denver, to Carl and Sally Baker, and passed away March 11, 2016. Her surviving family include her sisters Patty and Kathy, stepmother Laura and stepsister Stacey, plus two nieces and three nephews. Her father had become a member of the Church of Christ while he was in the Navy, and Shari was brought up attending church services regularly.

Her parents owned Aurora Stables and Shari grew up around horses. She participated in competitions like barrel racing and gave riding lessons. Shari had four children, Maud, Kathy, Hannah and Chris. The younger three were adopted and raised by other families.

Shari suffered a massive stroke in 2006 which left her with some disabilities that hampered her somewhat in conversations. She attended our services the past few years and often demonstrated in word and deed her love, concern and appreciation for others – with greeting cards, gifts and compliments. Several members remember that she spoke words of encouragement after the morning service on the last Sunday of her life. Another stroke later that week resulted in her death on Friday evening, March 11.


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