“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Showing Our Faith

(Please read James 2:14-26)

April 17

Christianity is a religion of faith. For a moment let’s consider faith not from an academic standpoint but to see its practical application in everyday living.

God’s word is the source of our faith, of course, but we can easily confuse faith and opinion if we’re not careful. Opinion is what one thinks, while faith comes from an understanding of what God says. So it is important for us to be willing to try to understand the words of God. When we believe in God the Father and in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, we have faith.

We know our faith is not to be kept secret, for Jesus wants us to “confess,” – that is, acknowledge – our faith to other people. But is that all we need to do to show our faith?

For the answer we need only look at how believers showed their faith in New Testament times. They repented of their sins and were baptized, as the Lord had commanded, but that was not all. They showed their faith by mutual care for one another; they worshiped publicly and in their homes; some preached in the temple and other public places; they took care the needs of the poor as best they could; in short, they went about doing good.

Their faith was a way of life, and you can’t live a life without showing others how you live. May God grant that our faith will shine forth today in all that we do.

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